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Caring for your Mind and body from home

As the world continues to respond to the COVID-19 pandemic, whether you are working from home or not, uncovering impactful ways of caring for your mind and body is imperative.

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What not to do while remote working

Around the world, many are transitioning to remote working. At times managing work and life balance can be challenging, below are our top tips for what not to do while remote working.

Work on your couch – Working on your co can reduce productivity, not to mention, it is also bad for your posture.

Take your lunch break at your desk – make sure to walk around your house, stretch and give your eyes a rest from screens.

Work in a space where you usually wind down – Designate a working area in your home to distinguish between work time and relax time.

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Be King. It goes a long way.

It is natural to feel anxious, worried, lonely, frustrated, or sad over the world pandemic. Remember you are not alone; we are all in this together.

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Delve into our most popular selection of resources. Whether you are looking for recommendations to boost remote working productivity or ways to boost your mental health, we have something for you.


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The formula for losing weight is simple: eat less and exercise more. But, it's not really all that simple, is it?Long-term weight loss isn't impossibl...



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Ways to successfully work remotely

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Be Active

Fun ways to be active at home

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Keep Learning

Keeping your headspace positive

Guidance on how to take care of your mental wellbeing.

Be Aware

Ways to keep connected & protected online

Tips on how to stay connected with friend and family safely on the web.

Help Others

Ways to shield against COVID-19

Science-backed modes of protecting yourself against the COVID-19.

Stay safe of COVID-19

E-learning resources

Develop new skills or discover a new subject.

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