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Diet Explained

Discover How Diet Really Works And How To Get Great Results! These Tips Will Help You To Start Seeing REAL Results!

If you’re trying to lose weight and get into better shape, then the first place to look is to your diet. While exercise plays a very important role in our body composition it can’t make up for a bad diet. Too many of us think that we can eat unhealthily all day and then use exercise to try and ‘make up for it’. That is not how diet works.

This is the first clue that many of us don’t really know how diet does work. The next clue comes with the next popular strategy that many people will use to try and get a body closer to the one they always imagined: severely restricting calories or just one food group.

The mistake people make here is that they are thinking of their diet purely as being a source of energy. Your diet is MUCH more than that. Rather than simply being the equivalent of the ‘fuel’ that a car runs on, it is also the water, the oil and coolant. Moreover, it is also the screws, the nuts, the bolts, the rubber the tires are made of and the glass.

You are what you eat. What you eat is reconstituted and recombined in or-der to create your body. If you try to lose weight by eating a lot less, then your health will suffer, your energy levels will suffer and ultimately you’ll be doomed to failure.


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